Installation Process

Free Evaluation

When you fill out our free solar evaluation online or call in, DirectSun Solar will send a professional residential solar sales specialist to your house to go over the maintenance agreement and any other solar questions.

System Design/Shade Analysis

A DirectSun Solar Shade / System Design technician will visit home to measure the roof and check the condition. In addition, the technician will use a Solmetric Suneye shade analysis device to find the optimal placement for the solar array and measure the efficiency of the sun on your roof to make sure your panels will be efficient enough to save you money!


A team of professionally trained and licensed DirectSun Solar installers will come to your home and install the mounting brackets, rails, microinverters and solar panels; this usually takes 2 to 4 hours.


Once your install is complete an electrician will come out to your home and connect your solar array to your service panel; this will also include a monitoring meter and an AC disconnect.


After your solar panels have been connected to your service panel, a series of inspections must take place. An electrical & building inspection will be done by your local municipalities, and the results of the inspections are then submitted to the parish/county. The parish/county will then pass the results to your local utility.

Net Meter

Once your utility company has received the solar permit from your municipality, your utility company will contact you to schedule a time to come install your net meter. Once the net meter is installed, you will call DirectSun Solar to come out and activate your solar array.

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Feasibility Study

DirectSun has the industry’s best resources for any solar energy project. Whether local, state, national, or global in project size, our team of professionals will develop a comprehensive solar energy project design that will meet the needs of your energy consumption and use. The first step in developing any solar project is to research the feasibility of the project. The objective of the feasibility study is to ascertain the profitability, environmental, and economic impact of the proposed project. Feasibility studies are required for projects that will connect to the public grid and are a minimum of 500KW. The studies are also utilized to develop municipal solar policy and or statutes that will govern development or solar installations in a given geographical area or municipality.

DirectSun Solar has been instrumental in developing feasibility and municipal solar studies for both private and public sector entities. The following is a brief list of completed studies and municipal solar policies developed:

Tuskegee Solar Services: 15MW Project
Tuskegee, Alabama Feasibility Study 15MW Solar and Biomass Facility
Proposed Solar PV and Woody-Mass Facility: $28M Project
Scheduled for Operation: April 2014
Developed and Design by: DirectSun Solar
Operated by: Tuskegee Solar Services, LLC

Simon Solar Farm: 30MW Project

Monroe, Georgia. Study and Zoning Application for client Simon Solar Farm, LLC. DirectSun developed and researched zoning and municipal regulations in order to build 30MW solar farm. DirectSun guided client through the Walton County Georgia Zoning process. DirectSun obtained project approval in October 2011 for the client. Project will be $85M solar development and interconnected in 2013 to Georgia Power Distribution lines near Social Circle, GA.

“The experience of working with Derek Gabriel/DirectSun for my large scale solar plant project was both a pleasure and a success. His guidance through the meticulous process helped me achieve the required county zoning.” Steve Ivey, Simon Solar.

Alabama A&M University Solar Projects
In a collaboration with the university’s facilities department and in conjunction with the Physics and Engineering Department, DirectSun is currently designing a comprehensive solar design that will utilize solar PV, solar thermal, and wind turbine technology. Project scheduled to be completed by May 2015.