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DirectSun Solar Energy & Technology is one of the leading solar installers in the Southeast Region. With the philosophy of providing affordable renewable and “green” technology to its customers. DirectSun also offers educational and employment opportunities for those who desire to work as an electrician or solar installer. With over 1000+ residential and commercial installations in our portfolio, DirectSun continues to provide the best service possible. We believe an educated solar consumer is not only the most informed consumer, but also the most knowledgeable.


DirectSun Solar Energy & Technology has locations in the following cities:

New Orleans



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DirectSun Solar Energy & Technology was founded out of the necessity to provide a real-time solution to the global energy and environmental crisis while creating real and meaningful employment opportunities. Our company provides consumers with the opportunity to obtain the cleanest form of energy, solar power, coming from the most abundant renewable resource, the sun, at a cost lower than purchasing the same power from traditional fossil fuel consuming utilities. By making solar power affordable we pave the way for widespread solar adoption resulting in the creation of lasting and sustainable employment opportunities.

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